Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lenses Review: Kimchi Kiss Grey Lenses


I'll be reviewing Kimchi Kiss Grey Lenses which were kindly sponsored by LensVillage. If you've read my previous post then you'd know that the shipping took longer than usual - 4 weeks!!!! Due to the fact that it got into customs and they thought it was steroids in vial bottles. =.=; I'm sure it would've only taken 1-2 weeks  though. I was just happy it was in good condition, everything was nicely packaged and they even had a little business card on how to take good care of the lenses.  

What the lenses claim to do: Kimchi Kiss Grey contact lenses are designed to give a pleasant feeling to your eyes. The design is unique with a black outer ring providing an outline for a classy inner design. An asymmetrical inner design gives a bold and dashing appeal to your eyes. With comfort being the primary objective behind every contact lens these too aren’t different and provide the greatest level of comfort and relaxation to the wearer.

Brand: Kimchi
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 55%
Power Range : 0.00 to -8.50
Life Span : 1 Year  

My Review: 
Design 3/5: The design is really in your face. Very bright with what the description has claimed - bold strong define lines which you can tell is not natural at all.
Colour/color 5/5: The colour is really obvious and is not for every day use in my personal opinion. When I got them out of the bottles I was so shocked at how scary and fake it looks. They sort of remind me of the Bambi Sesame Grey lenses but a pattern I've never seen before. But when they're in the eyes the colours sort of "melt" and blends in really well, the black limbo ring is quite thick so it gives off a really huge effect.
Enlargement 5/5: The size is 15mm. The size is huge and I feel it actually gives off a 16mm look instead because of how dark the limbo ring is. Cannot wear without make up or you'll look scary as farkk. (Just a heads up lol.)
Comfort 4/5: Quite surprised at how well they felt in my eyes 7hrs+.    

Overall: 4/5
I honestly thought I wouldn't like them on me at all but after wearing them I feel like it actually looks pretty nice! More of a night out/party lenses since they not natural looking at all. If you're game enough then you've got to try it out! Would I wear them out? I would, but only at time events and what not hahaha! Really gives off a mature look? I dunno that's how I feel. :D

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