Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Double Eyelid - Permanent Without Surgery

Yeah the title says it all! I know you're all maybe wondering, is this even possible? Well I don't even know, but it worked for me in less than a week and I want to share with you all.

Michelle Phan actually uploaded a video about her "evening her eyelid folds" but I already knew this method from a Youtube channel called: lazybumtot. I actually stumbled across this video as I was looking for make up tutorial's on how to make parallel and tapered eyelids look the same. My right eye is parallel while my left is tapered. Not sure what parallel and tapered eyelids look like? Well here is a picture. There are actually many different types of folds but I'll be talking about these two today.

Parallel Eyelids - when the top curve of your eye and the fold or crease is not touching in the inner corner of your eyes, but instead are parallel to each other.
Tapered Eyelids - It's double eyelids and the inner corners of the eyes have a fold. Some say that they don't consider this type of eyes are "double eyelids" because there is that inner fold. Well, I consider it a form of double eyelid. *taken off google*

So here are some photos of how my left eye was tapered:

My eyelid crease is now permanent. Even when I rub my eyes, shower and continue on with my daily life routine - it's still here. I actually used the thick eyelid tapes because they hold well and don't feel uncomfortable. The ones I use are from Nature Republic which is a Korean make up brand. I wore it at home only and when I go out, I don't wear them out with me. The results will only work if you have a current eyelid fold, that is that I think.

Now I'll show you how both of my eyes are now parallel after doing lazybumtot's method (I only wore it for a week or so):

So is this method just a fad or what? I think it really works!!! Just remember though, I'm just telling you from my experience and if you plan to do this make sure you do some research and do this at your risk.

Here is lazybumtot video talking about this method:

I hope this post was somewhat interesting hahaha, I'll be back with more stuff to share. Be safe and take care!! - check out my Facebook Page which is located on the right side on this blog or follow me on Twitter: phujuu :D

Until next time!
Much love ♥ Phuju