Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review — SANA Eye Concealer & Rohto Lycee Eyedrops (For Contacts)

This post is going to be dedicated to reviewing the SANA Eye Concealer & Rohto Lycee Eyedrops (For Contacts). Since I've promised a few of my friends to talk about it and who doesn't like reviews? Hehehe ^^ lets not beat about the bushes and get into it! I also apologise for some blurry pictures as I took them not long ago and with no flash or artificial lighting so it looks terrible! T_T

SANA Eye Concealer (Light Yellow)

Sana Make Essence Eye Concealer completely cover unpleasant dark circle. Light Yellow concealer allows natural result.
4 whitening ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Blueberry Leaf Essence, Carrot Essence. They nourish eye contour areas and restore elasticity of skin. Fatigued eyes are relieved. They also boost metabolism to ease dark circles.
Dense Flexibility Formula brings long-lasting wear.

How to use it:
Apply to under-eye area after make-up base. Press lightly and spread evenly. Apply foundation as usual.

Country of origin:

Suitable for:
all skin type

Okay so here is my thoughts:
 I absolutely love this product! It's light and covers majority of my dark circles under my eyes and it also has a smooth and silky finish. Unlike other products whereas it has a "cakey" or "powdery" finish. 
Though, I would not recommend this concealer to people who don't have light/fair skin as the shade is quite light. It costs about $20.00 AU, but you can purchase it a lot cheaper than that! I'm just very impatient when I shop online, so I bought it at Yuki House. 
Overall I do love this product and use it pretty much on a daily basis! ♥


Covers all dark circle
Smooth silky finish
Washes off with warm water, don't need to use makeup remover
Leaves skin feeling moisten  & nourished

Only comes in one shade


 Rohto Lycee Eyedrops (For Contacts)



This product was developed in response to request for Lycée that may be used also while wearing contact lenses. Lycee Contact supplements tears to dry eyes to protect the cornea and moisten eyes.

Use for:
Discomfort while wearing soft or hard contact lenses, supplementation of tears (dryness of the eye), eyestrain, blurred vision (in case of excessive eye mucus
Country of origin:
Use 1 to 2 drops 5 to 6 times per day

Active Ingredients:
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 0.5%
Potassium Chloride 0.08%
Sodium Chloride 0.44%
Sodium Bicarbonate 0.05%
Hydroxyethylcellulose 0.02%

Okay so here is my thoughts:
 I thought that these eye-drops are just like regular ones... But noooooooooo I am totally wrong! They are just amazing! I love it, it's pretty much in my bag everywhere I go. The reason being is because it actually has a cooling "effect" when you drop it in your eyes and the next thing you know, your contacts does not feel dry anymore and your eyes feel like it has oxygen circulating around again. (HAHAHAH! XD)

10/10 I strongly recommend  this product for contact lens users it's a must have! 
Trust me, once you use these eye-drops you won't turn back!

Wondering where you can purchase them? Check out from it has a lot of products there and it's also cheap and affordable! Want more reviews of certain products? Don't hesitate and comment below or in my chat box on the side bar! Also follow me on Twitter and you can ask direct questions and I'll answer back asap! ♥ 
That's all for tonight hehehe I will blog further on this week as I'll be spending my weekend with Chris and Jonina on Saturday! So look forward! ^0^ I will now return back to eating my beef stew lulz. Love you all!

Until my next post lovelies hehehe.
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